Our Story

Meet The CEO

My name is Rachel Bahati and I am the founder of I-Rech loungewear. It’s a unisex brand that’s doesn’t discriminate.

Back in 2017 I had a vision of starting a clothing line that would empower every generation. But something always held me back from actually putting in the work necessary to bring this vision to life.

Then in 2019/2020, I started having so much anxiety and fear of uncertainty. This feeling grew stronger each day that went by. I felt so lost. Then one day I was praying and I felt a very strong sense of peace and hope. It was like a heavy burden had been lifted off my shoulders and that’s when I knew it was God reminding of his promise. The zeal to start working on this brand grew stronger so, I got to work.

When designing the logo and the loungewear for the first collection, I wanted the words to act as a reminder to the person wearing them. Because it’s so easy to let fear consume us.

My goal with the brand is to serve as a reminder to never give up. And to bring loungewear collection that is of the highest quality and affordable to everyone without breaking the bank.

This collection is minimal in design as the goal is for our consumers to see the message behind each piece.